Homemade Ubtan soap


Gram flour, Rice flour, Red lentil (Masoor dal), Sandalwood powder, Liquorice powder (Mulethi), Orange peel powder, Wild turmeric powder



Gram flour has certain properties that treat acne and has been used for this purpose in India for centuries. For one, the zinc in besan has been shown to fight the infections that cause your face to erupt with acne. Secondly, it also helps control the excess sebum production and soothes inflamed skin



Rice contains a few sun-protecting agents like ferulic acid and allantoin, which convert it into a good natural sunscreen. Being a good anti-inflammatory agent, rice powder also soothes sunburns and prevents the skin from sun tan. 



Masoor dal or red lentil is a protein rich dal. Do you know that you can also use this masoor dal for preparing face packs. Such packs are rich in proteins, slough off the dead skin cells, makes skin texture smoother and skin looks brighter than before? When red lentil is mixed with some other herbal ingredients, its efficiency is enhanced and makes this masoor dal face pack excellent for the all skin types. Read on to know some face packs with masoor dal to combat skin problems like pimples, acne, scars, marks on oily skin, get rid of the flakiness from dry skin and to achieve healthier skin. Below we have shared how can you achieve a powder of this pulse so that it can be used for a variety of beauty recipes like hair removal, scrubbing, getting rid of the sun tanning. 



Sandalwood, known as chandan, can prove to be a one-stop solution for all your skin problems. Used in a variety of ways, it can help in controlling oil secretion, skin dryness, pimples, dark circles, etc. What's more? It also helps you in achieving a radiantly glowing skin.

Sandalwood paste is one of the best clear skin remedies that can be used to sooth harsh sunburns and clear skin tanning. The natural oils in sandalwood naturally clear skin complexion and add a healthy glow to it.

The toning effect of sandalwood helps in shrinking skin pores that provides an even skin texture and prevents sagging and aging skin. It tightens the drooping skin tissues in order to provide a supple and youthful appearance to the skin. 



Together, these enzymes combine to form a super syrup or powder that's also great for natural skin care.

Reasons why Liquorice is GREAT for Skin

Brighten Skin. 

Hide Sun Damage. 

Fade Dark Scars. 

Treat Skin Conditions. 

Ease inflammation. 

Firm and tighten skin. 

Treat Acne. 

Banish Athlete's Foot.



Orange peel is considered as a boon for face and skin care as it cures blackheads  dead cells, acne pores, blemishes, dark circles, dry skin, and brightens your face. It can also be applied with milk or curd for extra glow or for removing tan. Also rub your nails with its peel for shine. 



The antibacterial properties of TURMERIC aid in acne treatment. And its anti-inflammatory properties treat the inflammation caused by pimples. Turmeric can be used for oily skin as a face wash or a face pack. Reduces scars and heals wounds: The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric work on your pores and calm the skin.



Add 2 teaspoons Gram flour in a bowl

Add 1 teaspoon rice flour

Add 1 teaspoon red lentil (Masoor dal)

Add 1 teaspoon sandalwood powder 

Add 1 teaspoon Liquorice powder (Mulethi)

Add 1 teaspoon Orange peel powder 

Add 1/2 teaspoon Wild turmeric powder 


New mix all the ingredients gently.

Now we will make soap. FOr this, we need 60 gram soap base.

To make UBTAN soap we will use double boiler process. Melt the soap base and then mix the ingredients in it. Add 1 teaspoon of sweet almond oil and aloevera gel. Mix again and then fill this in soap mold or a bowl. After an hour, the soap is ready to use.

Thanks for watching guys.



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