My Secret Hair Growth Mask

The brightly hued hibiscus flowers are rich in nutrients such as amino acids that are necessary for producing keratin, the building blocks of our hair. These flowers are capable of stimulating hair regrowth even from dormant follicles and bald patches. Making hair oil infused with hibiscus is easy.

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3 Best Hair growth Oils on Your Thin Hair

Suffering from hair loss and alopecia? and you want natural treatments to tackle hair loss? That's great. Today i am going to prepare three best hair growth oils which can really fasten up hair growth, tackle hair fall, and improve the overall quality of the hair.

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Home Remedies to Turn White Hair Black

Can GREY hair be turned black naturally?

The answer is Yes and No, white hair due to old age cannot turn black again naturally, while white hair appearing due to bleaching, stress, food, pollution, vitamin deficiency and other physical influence can turn to black again if properly taken care of.

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How to Make Natural Homemade Shampoo

You can make this simple and easy homemade natural shampoo using just 4 ingredients. It cleans hair beautifully without stripping hair of its natural oils.

Seriously, no matter your hair type or budget, you can pretty much craft the perfect shampoo that’ll actually clean your hair without destroying it

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How To Use Mustard Oil And Curry Leaf for Hair loss, Grey hair and Regrowth

In this post, we will be talking about how mustard oil is good for hair. Application of Mustard oil is beneficial for hair.

To avoid hair loss, it is really important to give nourishment to the hair. Nourishment is important to make the hair look healthy and lustrous.

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Miracle Hair Treatment for Long, Healthy,Thicker & Shinny Hair

Banana is great for hair growth as it is rich in vitamins, calcium, potassium, carbohydrates and natural oils that help the overall nourishment of the hair. It also promotes shiny, silky hair with great elasticity and control. A simple banana mask can treat dandruff and hair fall.


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Permanent Hair Straightening At Home|Re-bonding Style Straight Hair At Home Naturally

Can you do permanent hair straightening at home? That was my question for over a year. How could I avoid the cost, but without ruining my hair? Many people don't know how to do permanent hair straightening at home so i'll share Important tips to remember before doing your own hair straightening.

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Kalonji, Flaxseed Oil

First we flax seeds Flax seeds are a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are essential for healthy hair growth. They nourish the follicles and hair shafts, making them stronger and less prone to damage. This also ensures that the new growth is strong and healthy. Omega-3 fatty acids help improve hair elasticity. 

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Magical Hair Re-Growth Serum

Benefits Of Serum for Hair Growth: If you desire to grow your hair quickly while still maintaining the quality, hair growth serums are all you need. The active ingredients in the hair serum stimulate the hair roots and the scalp. This in turn triggers the dead or dormant hair follicles to initiate new hair growth.

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